Day 30 through Day 33

it’s been a month. and though i’ve yet to update the blog this week, i’ve gotten a fair bit done.

friday i got drunk with a good friend and only scribbled a few sentences. they were horribly written and nearly impossible to decipher once sober. but whatever, progress is progress.

saturday i only managed to scribble some ideas onto the white board, but i think they’ll stick. these ideas don’t really add much to the main narrative i’m working on for the Terrible Infant, but they provide motivation for a tertiary character as well as set-up a potential second story involving the same cast.

sunday, aside from cooking a kick-ass stir fry and being blown away by the True Detective finale, i had a brainstorming session and fleshed out a few new characters. so far, the events of the Terrible Infant have taken place within three main storylines. those are about to branch into maybe five, possibly seven different threads that will overlap in different moments, and then dovetail into one explosive finale. those threads are: 1) Mark and Jenn, 2) head of the program Mathesen, 3) Jenn’s ex-boyfriend Roderick, 4) the “alien angel” Josie and her companion, 5) Mark’s former ‘handler’ Grampa, 6) the leader of the task-force pursuing both Grampa and Mark, and 7) a young journalist who notices things aren’t as they seem.

today, i’m adding to the outline and further defining the new characters. i’m also adding all of the disparate scraps that ultimately comprise Jenn’s introductory chapter into one cohesive piece. it’s essentially done, though i will edit it extensively over the next few days. this has been extremely rewarding and is probably the most substantial work i’ve done on this one piece of fiction since its rattled around my head.

one month in and i couldn’t be more pleased with my personal results. also, my buddy Nate is killing it as well. he’s been an inspiration and i hope to come close to the quality he’s managed right out the gate. 

3/7/14 fri. through 3/10/14 mon. the Terrible Infant (and other various scribbles).


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Day 28 & Day 29

i didn’t write shit yesterday. my son has pink eye, so i had to take the day off work to take care of him. so i don’t need you giving me any grief, alright? i’m dealing with a sick household and i’ve yet to fill my sizzurp script. PAPA NEEDS TO LEAN, YAHURMA.

today, holy shit, i told you guys a couple days ago that i erased the timeline. WELL GUESS WHAT? reality is back to its rightful place, and it makes a heck of a lot more sense. character motivations are CRYSTAL CLEAR and, more importantly, THEY MAKE SENSE! i am so happy.

i created a document with the timeline, and will slowly transpose the events to a white board so i can better chart the flow of it all. the doc is just shy of 1000 words. ARE YOU IMPRESSED? well, you must be easily impressed.


3/5/14 weds. and 3/6/14 thurs. The Terrible Infant.

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Day 26 & Day 27

I erased everything on the white board yesterday. the timeline didn’t make sense, the motivations were off, and it felt very disjointed.

after sitting on it for a day, the timeline is a bit more solid, the plot tightened, character motivations are more believable as well as pushing the plot forward, and I even created a new character. he still needs a backstory/voice, but his function is decided. let’s see if it sticks. also, maybe making the Virgin Mary an antagonist.

3/3/14 mon. and 3/4/14 tues. The Terrible Infant.

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Day 25

it’s live.

writing about the Vikings for the Footbawl Blog today. probably won’t get it done tonight—going to see the Suns beat the shit out of the Hawks—but it’ll go up tomorrow morning on the site.

be lovely.


3/2/14 sun. FBB—2013 Team Retrospective: The Minnesota Vikings.

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Day 23 & Day 24

my wife and i have been sick the last couple days. I’ve scribbled some stuff down, but have done a lot of planning for the timeline and character arcs for the Terrible Infant.

just now, I finished a character sheet for Mathesen Phelps, the secret king of the world. next is Roderick, religious reprogrammer and emotional abuse specialist. Mathesen might be the closest thing to an antagonist at this point, where Roderick is the wild card. I’m not sure exactly where Roddy’s ultimate story is going, but that’s not a problem because he’s actually reacting to the narrative and trying to catch up with everyone else.

anyways, keep up. hope everyone’s having as much fun as I am.

2/28/14 fri and 3/1/14 sat. The Terrible Infant.

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Day 22

The coffee she’d prepared was only partially brewed. No matter. It was something with weight to it and she knew it’d hurt. That’s all she wanted. Something that hurt.

“MOTHERFUCKER,” she screamed. She hardly ever raised her voice, much less cussed, and abhorred physical violence of any kind. Yet there she was, slamming a pot of hot coffee all over the suit’s face.

This isn’t me, the real Jenn cried. But she was tiny at that moment, hiding behind an enraged heart, her voice fainter than its pulse. Jenn watched herself. Her hands did things she never thought they’d do, horrifying things. But the presence wouldn’t relent until the suit was nothing but dead.

And upon taking in the damage she’d done, she couldn’t help but hate herself even more. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, the presence had its hold on her. “Michael,” she sighed. She wanted to curse the man who made her this way, but the energy was gone.

The steam trickled upward, a steady flow emanating from the pile of black, red glass that used to be the head suit’s face. His leg stopped twitching before Jenn even noticed it move. What little life he had left seeped out incessantly.

“We should get going,” the gruff man said towering over her, surveying her work. He startled her, yet she had no fear left. Just remorse, but for what she couldn’t say. “Come on,” he said, and dragged her by the hand through the chaos. “There’s either bodies or napalm coming our way, I ain’t gonna be here when they show.”

He dragged her past the debris, the bodies, the violence that used to be this quaint diner. The broken shards of the life she knew. She didn’t see how the rugged man did it, but the other suits weren’t moving much either. Were they still alive? Or was this man a monster as well, just like her?

“Where are we going?” And he looked at her, as if he didn’t understand this ‘we’ person she was talking about.

Hrmph, was the noise he made. “You owe me a cup of coffee, I suppose.” They left the diner. The man hotwired poor dead Marco’s rusty sedan. Jenn wouldn’t realize until much later that he took away her chance to say goodbye to it all. She’d thank him for that.


2/27/14 thurs. The Terrible Infant.

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Day 21

finished the Ravens bit. i have yet to get back into the groove i was in before i left, though i’ve stayed somewhat consistent. and then this damn horror plot has dominated my plotting. anyways, here’s a taste of what will go up tomorrow…

Forehead slaps. Deep sighs. And conspiracy theories of NFL revenue contributing to Roger Goodell’s top-secret weather machine sending snowstorms to interrupt even more games.

Welcome to Baltimore.

Consistency is hard to come by in the League, but it’s far from possible. The Ravens aren’t strangers to it; less than 20 years old, they’ve won two Super Bowls and have been to the playoffs more times than not. That’s why it’s so damn surprising to see the defending champions fall off how they did in 2013. Bust out your finest toothed comb, we gonna figure out how they done fucked up.

2/26/14 weds. FBB—2013 Team Retrospective: The Baltimore Ravens.

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Day 20

more plotting and blogging. I’m writing about the Baltimore Ravens this week and make a shitty comparison to Shia LeBeouf. or Beowulf. I can’t remember. again, I’ll link when it’s live.

I’m also getting to a confident place with the theme and setting of my horror story, and can start working out the characters and plot. and I guess a metric fuckton of research. but some of the best things about stories set in the future are making up jargon and pseudo-science. HOORAY WRITING.

2/25/14 tues. FBB—2013 Team Retrospective: the Baltimore Ravens.

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Days 16-19

while I was on vacation, I didn’t attempt to write anything formal. that doesn’t mean I didn’t scribble.

Days 16, 18 and 19 were spent brainstorming for a new story that arose out of a challenge by my best friend. he inspired me to try a horror story because I’ve not really made a strong attempt in that genre. I did develop some decent ideas for a sci-fi/thriller story, including an angle that I don’t believe has been used much. don’t expect an outline on that, though, as I’m just in the planning stages.

Day 17 was spent on something that I should provably be ashamed of wasting so much time on. but I’m not, and fuck AZ SB1062.

tomorrow should produce something fun, but we’ll see what happens.

2/21/14 fri through 2/24/14 mon. Private.

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Day 15

i am on the first day of the annual family Park City vacation. it’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow.

these next few days might consist of personal scribbles, just like today’s private entry, but if the inspiration strikes it will be written.

2/20/14 thurs. personal.

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