Day 40 through Day 42

Monday consisted of more Intro writing. i’m not exactly sure if i like the tone of it, but i’ll have to see how it feels when it leads into the next chapter.

Tuesday, as i was thinking more about the intro, a thought popped into my head. Grampa is becoming more and more integral to the story. a new development will feed into his end of the story and ultimately his contribution to ‘Babylon Gone,’ will also tie-in to the journalist character’s end, and will tee up the next story.

today (Wednesday) i’m doing a bit of research for Roderick. right now i’m looking up conversion therapy techniques for the ex-gay ‘agenda’. it’s some pretty awful stuff. while there are a few insidious forces at play and every character does some questionable things for their own reasons, Roderick is probably the most despicable person. well, Grampa is pretty awful, and Mark and Phelps are also. but Roderick will easily be the slimiest, and hopefully draw a specific kind of ire meant only for the biggest scumbags.


3/17/14 mon. through 3/19/14 weds. The Terrible Infant.


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