Day 30 through Day 33

it’s been a month. and though i’ve yet to update the blog this week, i’ve gotten a fair bit done.

friday i got drunk with a good friend and only scribbled a few sentences. they were horribly written and nearly impossible to decipher once sober. but whatever, progress is progress.

saturday i only managed to scribble some ideas onto the white board, but i think they’ll stick. these ideas don’t really add much to the main narrative i’m working on for the Terrible Infant, but they provide motivation for a tertiary character as well as set-up a potential second story involving the same cast.

sunday, aside from cooking a kick-ass stir fry and being blown away by the True Detective finale, i had a brainstorming session and fleshed out a few new characters. so far, the events of the Terrible Infant have taken place within three main storylines. those are about to branch into maybe five, possibly seven different threads that will overlap in different moments, and then dovetail into one explosive finale. those threads are: 1) Mark and Jenn, 2) head of the program Mathesen, 3) Jenn’s ex-boyfriend Roderick, 4) the “alien angel” Josie and her companion, 5) Mark’s former ‘handler’ Grampa, 6) the leader of the task-force pursuing both Grampa and Mark, and 7) a young journalist who notices things aren’t as they seem.

today, i’m adding to the outline and further defining the new characters. i’m also adding all of the disparate scraps that ultimately comprise Jenn’s introductory chapter into one cohesive piece. it’s essentially done, though i will edit it extensively over the next few days. this has been extremely rewarding and is probably the most substantial work i’ve done on this one piece of fiction since its rattled around my head.

one month in and i couldn’t be more pleased with my personal results. also, my buddy Nate is killing it as well. he’s been an inspiration and i hope to come close to the quality he’s managed right out the gate. 

3/7/14 fri. through 3/10/14 mon. the Terrible Infant (and other various scribbles).


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