so this is a thing.

Nate told me it was a thing. i didn’t realize it was this whole thing.

there are others taking part of this thing (Lindsay, Luke, Dan, Nate, and others). some i know from our old hobby in pretend pretend dance-fighting, some i’m enjoying reading for the first time.

it’s been a while since i’ve written anything that i really care about. i graduated from ASU’s Cronkite school with a BA in journalism. to be honest, i’m not sure it’s a field i care for——not in the way it’s going, anyways. i began working for the Bleacher Report as a breaking news reporter, which consisted of me retweeting and reblogging. i can’t disparage B/R, they gave me an opportunity and i’m grateful for it.

i just know i wasn’t happy doing it. that was a tough realization and it was even harder to walk away. but i had a decent job, if somewhat unfulfilling, and i was able to immerse myself in that.

i got married to an amazing woman. we got pregnant. we now have an amazing boy. and though i’ve blogged here and there, contributing mostly to and (even covering San Diego Comic Con ’13), something always felt missing. my brain doesn’t work the way it used to. i need to conjure plots, brainstorm and research, to scribble shit down so i don’t forget.

the year began with me attempting to chronicle my dreams. it’s been somewhat successful yet unfulfilling still. i yearn for more. so when Nate said, hey i’mma write every day, i said that’s a good fucking idea. so that’s what i’m doing. i have a few plots in mind, but it will most likely be random scenes until some semblance of continuity begins to rear its head. i’ll be revisiting a concept i wrote about in the tail-end of my ew tenure (the Terrible Infant) as well as something new about a guy who kills himself and then his life really begins (Cult of Comet), plus some random scribbles. whatever i’m feeling.

i don’t have any strict goals outside of actually producing something entertaining, for myself or others. if something else happens, shit, that’s cool. but i just want to be here, chugging away, hopefully longer than a year.

if you’re interested in participating, you’re more than welcome to get involved. just make some noise and someone will hear you. and check out the other writers, they’ve already produced some interesting stuff.


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